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Yaz Birth Control Pills Lawyers, Yasmin Lawsuit Lawyers Still Filing

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The Yaz birth control pills lawyers of the Yaz Helpline are filing lawsuits for women with strokes, pulmonary embolism and blood clots from Yaz.

If you took Yaz and suffered a blood clot related injury such as a DVT, a pulmonary embolism, a stroke or other blood clot related injury it is not too late to file a Yaz Lawsuit. Please contact us immediately so that we can arrange a free consultation with a Yaz Lawyer regarding your potential Yaz Lawsuit. Bayer’s Yasmin lawsuit settlement have risen to $402.6 million
By Jef Feeley and Naomi Kresge on July 31, 2012

    Bayer AG (BAYRY) said settlements of U.S. lawsuits over claims that its Yasmin line of birth-control pills caused blood clots in women have increased to more than $402 million.

Bayer, based in Leverkusen, Germany, has resolved almost 1,900 cases (BAYRY) in which it’s alleged that its Yasmin and Yaz contraceptives caused clots that can lead to heart attacks and strokes, the company said today in a stockholders’ newsletter. Bayer said it has paid $402.6 million in settlements of one category of clot cases, for an average of about $212,000 a case.

Bayer also more than doubled its reserve for Yaz cases, setting aside 496 million euros ($610.5 million), the company said. The drugmaker set aside a total of about 200 million euros in 2010 and 2011, according to securities filings.

“We believe we have made appropriate provisions for most of the cases we consider to be worthy of settlement with these accounting measures,” Bayer officials said in an e-mailed statement.

Drug-industry analysts, such as JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Richard Vosser, have said Bayer may have to pay more than 2 billion euros to resolve all the cases over the pills.
Stronger Warnings

In April, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ordered Bayer and other contraceptive makers to strengthen blood-clot warnings on their products.

Pills like Bayer’s Yasmin, which contain a synthetic hormone called drospirenone, will have warning labels saying researchers found they may triple the risk for clots.

The FDA examined data on more than 835,000 women who took pills containing drospirenone, including Bayer’s Yasmin line, according to the FDA report. Yasmin was the No. 4 oral contraceptive in the U.S. in 2011, with 4.6 percent of the market as of September, according to data from IMS Health.

Bayer’s contraceptives generated $1.1 billion in sales in 2011, making them the drugmaker’s biggest-selling drugs after Betaseron, a multiple sclerosis medication and Kogenate, a medicine to treat hemophilia, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
Revenue Forecast

Bayer released its stockholders’ newsletter on the same day it raised its 2012 revenue and earnings forecasts, citing increased sales of crop chemicals and drugs as well as favorable exchange rates.

Bayer said revenue will gain about 4 percent to 5 percent this year to 39 billion euros to 40 billion euros, excluding currency and portfolio changes. The company previously forecast a sales increase of about 3 percent.

Bayer’s American depositary receipts (BAYRY), each representing one ordinary share, rose 1.92 percent to $75.95 in over-the counter trading today in New York. Shares in Germany climbed 1.3 percent to 61.60 euros.
Beyond Insurance

The $610.5 million Bayer set aside this quarter is to pay the company’s costs beyond what insurance will cover for legal fees and accords, including cases that haven’t been settled, a spokesman, Guenter Forneck, said in a telephone interview today. Bayer isn’t disclosing the amount of its insurance coverage.

In the newsletter, the drugmaker’s executives said Bayer faced more than 12,000 lawsuits over the Yasmin line of contraceptives, including claims that they caused blood clots in some women and damaged gallbladders in others.

So far, Bayer has agreed to settle 1,877 cases in which women blame the company’s contraceptives for causing clots in their veins. “Such injuries are alleged in about 6,000 claims and therefore in fewer than half the cases served to date,” Bayer officials said in the publication.
‘Making Progress’

“This indicates they are making progress putting these Yaz suits over the vein clots behind them,” Carl Tobias, who teaches product-liability law at the University of Richmond in Virginia, said in a phone interview.

Michael Burg, a Denver-based lawyer for women suing over the Yasmin line, said Bayer has refused to settle cases alleging the contraceptives also caused clots in women’s arteries.

“Those cases involve some of the more serious injuries and we look forward to trying them,” he said in a telephone interview today.

The drugmaker is rejecting women’s claims that the contraceptives damaged their gallbladders or caused gallstones, Burg said.
Wave of Litigation

Since 2009, the German drugmaker has faced a wave of litigation over the birth-control pills. Lawyers suing the company cited FDA reports of at least 50 deaths tied to the pills from 2004 to 2008. Plaintiffs’ lawyers contend in court filings that Bayer officials marketed the contraceptives for unapproved uses and misled women about their risks.

The cases filed in federal courts were consolidated before U.S. District Judge David Herndon in East St. Louis, Illinois, for pretrial proceedings.

Herndon scheduled a series of trials so juries could begin weighing claims that Bayer and its units marketed Yaz and other contraceptives as safer than rivals’ products while knowing they posed a higher clot risk.
Settlement Progress

At Bayer’s suggestion, Herndon called in Stephen Saltzburg, a George Washington University law professor, to serve as a mediator. Saltzburg’s job was to explore the possibility of “settlements in this litigation,” Herndon said in a December order.

The judge put the trial schedule on hold while Saltzburg met with lawyers for the drugmakers and former Yaz users.

Saltzburg said earlier this month that settlement talks are continuing between the company and women’s lawyers and progress is being made in resolving cases.

“There are always some holdouts, but I think we will settle the bulk of these cases next year,” Saltzburg told an Illinois newspaper July 5.

The case is In re Yasmin and Yaz (Drospirenone) Marketing, Sales Practices and Product Liability Litigation, 09-md-02100, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Illinois (East St. Louis).


Mirnena IUD Lawyers Filing Mirena IUD Lawsuits

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The Mirena IUD is another dangerous device harming women. Mirena IUD lawyers are filing lawsuits nationwide for Mirena IUD injury under these circumstances. Effective immediately Mirena Iud lawyers are  only accepting Mirena lawsuits for:

  •  The Mirena IUD Must have been surgically removed
  •  The Mirena IUd must have gravitated, moved and changed position
  •  The Mirena IUD perforated a nearby organ
  •  The Mirena IUD became embedded in the Uterus
  •  The embedment of the Mirena IUD in the uterine wall, and perforation of the uterine wall or cervix
  •  The Mirena has caused Inflammation of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and internal organs (Peritonitis)
  •  The Mirena has caused Intestinal perforations or obstruction 

NOTE; EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER FIRST 2012 LAWYERS ARE ONLY ACCEPTING MIRENA IUD CASES FOR PERFORATION OF THE UTERUS OR NEARBY ORGANS. Please see a physician and fins out if that is why you are having these complications. We understand and sympathize with your situation but, cannot change the legal rules of science which mean that your complications must be easily connected to the IUD.

If you or a loved one has a Mirnea IUD and has experienced any of these medical problems call our Mirena IUD Helpline lawyers today to discuss a potenial Mirena IUD lawsuit.

Yaz Birth Control Pill Helpline, Fighting For Justice For Women Nationwide

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Yaz Birth Control Pills Helpline Is reaching out to women who have been severely injured by Yaz. Yaz causes Blood Clots in young women a very vulnerable age. Yaz lawyers are filing more Yaz lawsuits for yaz injury. Bayer has begun settlements for Yaz Bloodclots. Now is the time for women injured by Yaz to step forward and claim what is due them.

Yaz  Blood Clot  Lawyers Fighting  are fighring along side the Yaz Helpline to bring justice to women whose lives have been destroyed by these Yaz and yasmin birth control pills.

Millions of women need  take  birth control pills  to  avoid unwanted pregnancy. Two of these  Yaz and Yasmin cause blood clots and related medical problens such as stroke, pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis.

 Reports of serious Yaz side effects and Yasmin side effects are out there on blogs and chat rooms, and the problems associated with these medications are not only dangerous, but in some cases fatal.

Yaz and Yasmin are both manufactured by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest drug companies in the world. As is the Mirena IUD currently in the news as well. Yasmin was originally approved for use in the United States by the FDA in 2001, and Yaz followed its predecessor in 2006 with a slightly different formula.
Yaz and Yasmin Side Effects


    Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – DVT is an otherwise rare condition where a blood clot forms deep inside the tissue of the body, usually in the leg. Eventually, this clot will break off and travel through the body before settling in the lungs or brain causing a potential stroke.
    Pulmonary Embolisms – Pulmonary embolisms are extremely dangerous blood clots that appear in the lungs. Some of these blood clots form directly in or near the lungs and others are move  there after forming somewhere else in the body.
 The Yaz helpline wants to hear from all women injured by Yaz or their family, mothers or Husbands. We must seek justice.

Yaz Lawsuits Continue, Yaz Birth Control Pills Lawyers Filing Lawsuits

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Yaz  Bith Control Pills Helpline announces, the Yaz Bith Control Pills lawsuits are being filed by yaz lawyers. Settlements have already started.
Yaz Birth Control Pills Helpline is reaching out to women who have blood clots, stroke or Pulmonary Embolism from yaz or Yasmin Birth Control Pills. Bayer has started settlements. We do not want you to be left out.

Yaz causes blood clots, Pulmonary Embolism, Strokes and deep vein thrombosis. Blood clots that end up in the lungs or brain can be fatal.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has  issued many warnings regarding the progestin in Yaz called drospirenone. Drospirenone   causes adverse side effects including blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism. Yaz lawsuits by yaz lawyers focus on blood clots

Other lawsuits are for strokes, heart attacks. If you have experienced these issues, Many women are not aware of the right to sue for these life altering and sometimes deadly complications

Bayer did not properly warn about the adverse effects they had knowledge of.  Yaz Lawsuits  claim  that Bayer was aware of the issues with Yaz and Yasmin, but continued to promote their drug without a proper warning on the label.

The evidence is already strong enough to support most Yaz Lawsuit claims. You must call the Yaz Birth Control Pills helpline today. If a daughter or wife or friend has blood clots from Yaz tell her about the Yaz lawsuits or contact us on her behalf.

Yaz Birth Control Pills helpline Miami, Miami Fl Yaz Abogado

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Miami Yaz News Alert, Abogados de yaz

Abogado para Yaz

Deberías considerar a un abogado especializado en lesiones de Yaz

The Yaz Birth Control Pill Helpline Miami announces expansion thru-out the greater Miami area with bi-lingual help and  is here for women with Yaz related injury in Miami and Mothers who have lost a daughter from yaz related blood clot, stroke, pulmonary embolism or heart attack. Miami Yaz lawyers, abogados are filing yaz lawsuits. Bloomberg News reported that Richard Vosser, a JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst predicts Bayer may have to pay more that $2.65 billion to resolve all cases dealing with Yaz and Yasmin. These calculations are much higher than Bayer predicts they will pay out.

If you are in Miami dade and Hialeah, Homestead or the greater Miami area contact the miami Yaz birth control pills helpline today for a miami yaz lawyer,

Efectos Secundarios de Yaz

Los efectos secundarios de Yaz son causados por la drosperinona, la cual puede actuar como un diurético causando deshidratación e incrementando los niveles de potasio en la sangre, considerando que el potasio actúa como un elemento clave en el control del ritmo cardiaco este desbalance puede causar hiperpotasemia o alteraciones del ritmo cardiaco.

Este proceso puede resultar en los siguientes efectos secundarios de Yaz:

  • Muerte repentina.
  • Embolia Cerebral.
  • Enfermedades de la Vesícula Biliar.
  • Piedras en la Vesícula.
  • Ataque al corazón.
  • Trombosis Venosa Profunda (DVT, por sus siglas en inglés).
  • Embolia Pulmonar.
  • Pérdida permanente de cabello.
  • Tumores en el Hígado.
  • Fallo en los Riñones.
  • Pancreatitis.
  • Tal vez relacionada con Cáncer Pancreático.

Central Florida yaz lawyers filing For Women with Yaz Injury

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Yaz Birth control Pills Helpline and Yaz lawyers Helping women woth yaz related Injury in: Melbourne, Daytona, Deland,Orlando, Leesburg, Kissimmee, Ocala, Winter park,Altamonte Springs, Winterhaven and all of central Florida. Yaz can cause serer injury and death due to Blood Clots. yaz realted injury includes: stroke, heart attacks, Pulmonary embolism, Deep vein thrombosis and death,

If you are on Yaz and are having side effects you must seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Central Florida Hosptals include:

1.  Florida Hospital:  Located in Orlando, FL with 1,080 acute care beds and 46,876 acute care admissions.  Services offered:  Cardiology, neuroscience, transplants, cancer, pediatrics, orthopedics, digestive health, diabetes, women and obstetrics.

2.  Orlando Regional Medical Center:  Located in Orlando, FL with 808 acute care beds and 35,524 acute care admissions.  Services offered:  Level 1 trauma center, teaching hospital, burn center, heart and vascular, cancer, orthopedics, neurosciences, robotic surgery.

3.  Florida Hospital Altamonte:  Located in Altamonte Springs, with 341 acute care beds and 19,511 acute care admissions.  Services offered:  Orthopedics, bariatrics, general surgery, obstetrics, cancer, cardiac, radiology/imaging, emergency department, digestive.

4.  Leesburg Regional Medical Center:  Located in Leesburg, FL with 309 acute care beds, 18,472 acute care admissions.  Services offered: Cardiovascular, neurosurgery, general surgery, orthopedics, oncology, gastroenterology, vascular, pulmonary, obstetrics, pediatrics.

5.  WInter Park Memorial Memorial Hospital:  Located in Winter Park, FL with 297 acute care beds and  15,889 acute care admissions.  Services offered:  Obstetrics, women's health, orthopedics, ear, nose and throat, oncology,  minimally invasive surgery, emergency room services.

Yaz related lawsuits are underway and Bayer has begun settlements. Contact the Yaz Helpline for a yaz lawyer today.

South Florida Yaz Lawyers helping Women with Yaz Blood Clots

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Yaz Birth Control Pills helpline and Yaz Lawyers covering the South Florida Cities of Miami, Miami Beach, Homestead, Hollywood, Ft lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, Delray, Boynton, Coral Springs and West palm Beach are helping women with Blood Clots, Pulmonary embolism, Deep vein Thrombosis, Stroke, and heart attacks from yaz and yasmin Birth control Pills.

Florida Yaz and Yasmin Side Effects Lawsuit: Gallbladder Injury

A Florida woman from Fort Lauderdale filed a lawsuit against the manufactures of Yaz and Yasmin after she allegedly suffered a gallbladder injury, which ultimately necessitated that her gallbladder be surgically removed in April 2009. The lawsuit alleges that her gallbladder injuries were sustained as a direct and proximate result of using Yaz , and that had she know of the increased risks of Yaz, she would not have used Yaz and would not have suffered this injury.

Women in South Florida are reporting Yaz complications, South Florida Yaz Lawyers Filing Lawsuits

South Florida Yaz Lawsuits involving DRSP (DROSPIRENONE) containing birth control pills revolve around injuries that manifest themselves during, or following use, of these birth control pills. YAZ SIDE EFFECTS include those warned about in packaging, however as scientific lilterature, and FDA data has recently confirmed, the risk of blood clots fro yaz  is higher than originally claimed.  Some women and girls have been reported as having died while taking the popular birth control pills. Other South Florida women, or their surviving family members, have come forward and are claiming Yaz  injuries which include the following:

  •     Yaz related Death
  •     Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
  •     Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  •     Pulmonary Emboli (PE)
  •     Strokes
  •     Blood Clots
  •     Ischemic Strokes
  •     Arterial Thrombotic Events
  •     Hospitalized Acute Myocardial Infarctionl

Florida Yaz Birth Control Pills Helpline, Yaz Lawyers. YasmIn Lawyer

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Florida yaz lawyers are  filing Yaz lawsuits for women with blood clots, Pulmonary embolism, Stroke, Heat attack from yaz. Get A yaz lawyer to help you with your  Yaz injury in: Daytona, Fort Myers , Ft Lauderdale,  Gainesville, Jacksonville,  Keys, Lakeland, Miami FL,Ocala Orlando , Panama City, Pensacola,  Sarasota, Space Coast, St. Augustine,  Tallahassee,  Tampa, Treasure Coast, West Palm Beach FL Bayer has just settled on Yaz Claims full well knowing that Florida  Yaz injury lawyers will be acitively pursueing yaz and Yamin  injury claims.

Florida Yaz Injury and Death  Legal Claims Center

A key ingredient in t Yaz can raise blood potassium levels and cause Blood Clots which can result in: Deep Vein Thrombosis Pulmonary Embolism Venous Thromboembolism Death A  Jacksonville Florida yaz Story Tiffany Littles, 33, of Jacksonville, Florida, has filed a lawsuit in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc., for severe and lasting injuries caused by the birth control drug Yaz. The lawsuit says that Yaz is a dangerous prescription drug sold without adequate warnings about the risks of severe, lasting, and potentially fatal injuries. Littles stated in a news releases that she was “bringing this lawsuit so that this traumatic event does not happen to anyone else. I nearly died from taking this medication–the hospital even brought in a priest for me.” Littles suffered “bilateral pulmonary emboli, cor pulmonale, and deep vein thrombosis (“DVT”), more commonly known as a blood clot. If left untreated, blood clots can break off and result in life-threatening conditions.” The lawsuit claims that Littles would not have been injured if Bayer had properly warned consumers of the dangers of using the drug Another Florida Yaz Story I was admitted into the hospital 3 weeks ago. I was experiencing numbness of the entire body (primarily on my left side), my hands were cramping up and I felt like I was blacking out. The ambulance came to get me and I was brought to Florida Hospital, they quickly ruled out a stroke since I was so young, but focused on MS and Lupus (those tests came back negative). After 3 days they sent me home with no answers. So after 3 weeks of being in and out of the hospital and doctors offices (with minimal feeling and total weakness of my left side), I was sent up to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. After sitting with the neurologist telling him what was going on and him reading my reports he found the answer- I HAD A STROKE! This is the scary part- my stroke was caused by my birth control. He continued to tell me that in the last 6 months he has seen more and more young women (20’s and early 30’s) that are having strokes and all have one thing in common- YAZ BIRTH CONTROL, which is the brand I am on. It is nice to finally have an answer, but I still have to go through tests to find out exactly where the clot is/was and if it’s still there. He said I may never regain the strength or feeling back on my left side, but that is something we’ll have to wait to see. I also can NEVER go on any type of birth control ever again! But I can’t imagine not knowing that and still continue to take the Yaz, b/c I would continue to have strokes! If any of you are taking this birth control, please look into switching to another one. I’m not sure if the doctors at Florida Hospital know about this, but they were more focused on MS than they were stroke. Adverse Incident reports on Yaz Pulmonary Vascular injury from yaz 5398 (5.7%) Embolism And Thrombosis Injury from yaz 5304 (5.6%) Respiratory injury from yaz 2185 (2.31%) Florida yaz Lawyers accepting clients for yaz Blood clots.