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Have You Had the Mirena IUD Surgically Removed? Join The Thousands Sueing For Mirena IUD Injury

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1000’s of women are filing lawsuits for a Mirena IUD that has gravitated years after the original implantation. The IUD migrates and has been found embedded in the uterus, stomach or intestines. The IUD must be surgically removed by a doctor. This caused a perforation and severe injury. Many women are left infertile. some women must have a D&C to have the Mirena removed. Ultrasounds have found the device embedded in the bottom of the uterus while  other women have had the IUD expelled. Abdominal x-rays, or pelvic ultrasounds  are required to locate the IUD. The 1000’s of women with injury has lead Class Action lawyer Network to open a special litigation division for the Mirena IUD Lawsuits. More lawsuits are expected in the coming year as information becomes available to women. IN 2000, the  FDA  approved the Mirena   IUD.  The Mirena  is a  plastic T shaped IUD  that releases a low-dose of hormones. This IUD can remain implanted  as a contraceptive for up to five years. About two million women in the United States  have the device.  Recently  Bayer’s Skyla, a hormonal IUD similar to the Mirena was approved. Women  have filed Mirena lawsuits because  the  IUD  migrated from the uterus migrated to the Uterus or abdomen and became lodged needing to be surgically removed.  The result has been  abscesses, uterine perforations, infection, intestinal perforations, and emotional distress due to infertility.   Bayer recently moved  to have the New Jersey Supreme Court consolidate all lawsuits into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) based in Superior Court, Middlesex County, NJ. The Mirena IUD lawyers encourage you to contact them to discuss a potential Mirena IUD lawsuit. If you have the device removed it is a good idea to keep the removed device for proof.     .     I will report back after the surgery!         hug 0 Report this mshanson3121 Posted 08/31/2009   Well it’s all done and over with! And it really wans’t bad at all. It wasn’t embedded thank heavens, and they didn’t have to do any scraping, so they just put me under, dilated me, and did some poking around till they got it and it acme out easily, thank heavens! As far as how I felt afterwards, very tired for a couple days from the anesthesia. You’ll definitely want to take a couple days off work (thankfully mine was on a Friday). I had some cramping off and on, and some d/c, but no bleeding. They told me as long as they don’t scrape, you shouldn’t expect any bleeding. Now Saturday I did overdo it, so I had some pretty bad cramps and was really nauseaus, so I’d definitely recommend taking it easy. I have to call dr’s office today to find out how long we’re supposed to not have sex, and when we can start trying. So all in all, not bad at all, I was only under about 20 minutes!  

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