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Mirena IUD Lawyers Filing Lawsuits, Mirena IUD Causes Uterine Perforations

The Mirena IUD is another birth control devise manufactured by  Bayer pharmaceuticals   Mirena is a hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) that is intended  to remain implanted for up to 5 years.. The Mirena is  a T shaped IUD that releases levonorgestrel. This  thickens a woman’s  uterine lining to prevent sperm from fertilizing any eggs . The  the lining of the uterus  thins and partially suppresses ovulation.   Many women have chosen the  Mirena because now they  do not have to remember to take a birth control pill everyday. The Mirena intrauterine device can be removed at any time.   The Mirena IUD was approved by the FDA in 2000 as a contraceptive. The  Mirena IUD was  also the first intrauterine device to  be approved to treat heavy menstrual bleeding in women.   The Mirena IUD Comes with some dangerous  Complications. Women have reported  1000’s of adverse indcident reports to the FDA
  • Mirena Perforation of the uterus and intestines
  • Migration of the devise and embedment in the uterus
  • The need to surgically remove the devise
  Yaz Birth Control Pills Helpline has lawyers for review of your Mirena IUD lawsuit.If you have been injured by the Mirena IUD in Birmingham AL; Dothan AL; Gadsden ; Huntsville ; Mobile ; Montgomery ; Sedona AZ; Phoenix ; Tucson ; Little Rock AR; Fresno ;Long Beach ; Los Angeles ; Modesto ; Monterey ;Palm Springs ; Sacramento; San Diego;San Francisco ; San Jose CA; Santa Barbara CA; Ventura CA;Boulder CO;; Denver CO; Hartford CT; New Haven CT; Wilmington, Washington D.C. ,Daytona ; Fort Myers ; Fort Lauderdale ; Gainesville ; Jacksonville ; Keys ; Lakeland ; Miami ; Ocala ; Orlando ; Panama City ; Pensacola ; Sarasota ; St. Augustine ; Tallahassee FL; Tampa FL; West Palm Beach FL; Albany ; Athens ; Atlanta ; Augusta; Columbus ; Macon; Savannah;Valdosta ,Boise ID;Chicago ; Des Moines IA;Topeka ; Wichita; Baton Rouge LA; Lafayette ,New Orleans, ME; Annapolis MD; Baltimore MD; Boston, Massachusetts; Ann Arbor MI; Detroit, Kalamazoo MI; Lansing, Minneapolis MN; St Paul MN; Biloxi MS; Jackson MS; Kansas City MO;MO; Springfield MO, St. Louis MO; Omaha NE;Las Vegas NV; Reno NV;NJ:Albuquerque, Santa Fe New Mexico; Albany, Binghamton NY; Buffalo NY; Elmira NY; Ithaca NY; Long Island NY; New York City, NYC; Oneonta; Plattsburgh; Rochester; Syracuse NY;Utica NY;Westchester NY; Asheville NC; Charlotte NC; Fayetteville NC; Greensboro NC; Raleigh NC; Wilmington NC; Winston Salem NC; Fargo ND; Akron OH;Cincinnati OH; Cleveland OH; Columbus OH; Dayton OH; Toledo OH; Tulsa OK; Portland OR; Allentown PA;Harrisburg PA,Philadelphia PA; Pittsburgh PA; Reading PA; Scranton PA;Providence,Charleston SC; Columbia SC; Greenville SC;Chattanooga TN; Knoxville TN; Memphis TN; Nashville Abilene TX; Amarillo TX; Austin TX; Beaumont TX; Brownsville TX; Corpus Christi TX; Dallas TX; El Paso TX; Fort Worth TX; Galveston TX; Houston TX; Huntsville TX; Killeen TX; Laredo TX; Lubbock TX; Mcallen TX;San Antonio TX;Wichita Falls TX; Ogden UT; Provo UT; Salt Lake City UT;Burlington VT;Bennington VT; Charlottesville VA; Hampton VA; Harrisonburg VA;Norfolk VA;Richmond VA; VA Beach VA; Seattle WA; Spokane WA; Tacoma WA; Tri-cities ,Charleston WV;Cheyenne WY; Casper WY; Laramie WY; Gillette WY our experienced Mirena IUD lawyers are available 24hrs for you.  

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