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Yaz Helpline Montana, Montana Yaz lawyers, Yaz lawsuits

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Speak To a medical social worker at the yaz Birth Control Pills Helpline and Find out about the Yaz Settlements. It is not too late to file a Yaz lawsuit for Blood Clots and heart attacks from yaz. Montana yaz lawyers for:

Great Falls,
Butte, MT,  Helena, MT,
Miles City, MT,  Belgrade, MT,
Lewistown, MT

Time is limited for yaz lawsuits

It is not too late to get justice for a Yaz Injury or Death but, you must hurry. The acceptance of new claimants is dependent on the statue of limitations for  your state.

As of February 1, 2012, there have been 11,300 Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella lawsuits served on Bayer. All Yaz lawsuits that have been filed in federal court have been consolidated in what is a multi district litigation.

Yaz has been shown to cause Strokes

 A stroke occurs when blood supply to part of the brain is disrupted, causing brain cells to die. Blood flow can be compromised by blood clots. The FDA has demanded  new  stronger  Yaz  warnings for blood clots.

The Yaz Lawsuits, Yaz Lawyers Filed lawsuits for Yaz Complications

In January 2012, the Honorable David Herndon,the presiding judge  over the  Bayer Yaz, Yasmin birth control pill lawsuits, postponed the first scheduled Yaz trial and ordered the case to mediation. The settlement may pay upwards of $110 million to settle numerous lawsuits over claims that Yaz birth-control pills caused blood clots.

A  $110 million settlement for 500 cases  will pay an average of about $220,000 per case to resolve the claims that  Yasmin birth control pills  and Yaz contraceptives caused fatal blood clots that lead to heart attacks and strokes, Pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis. The FDA has  demanded increased warnings on yaz and yasmin for blood clots.