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Women Filing Mirena IUD Lawsuits, Bayer Manufacturer Yaz and Mirena

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Bayer is the manufacturer of both the Mirena IUD and Yaz birth control pills. Yaz has had 1000's of lawsuits filed for blood clots, Pulmonary embolism and strokes. Bayer has settled the first round of lawsuits. Now we have the Mirena IUD.

 Women Are Filing Mirena IUD Lawsuits For Uterine Perforation

We are receiving calls daily from  women  coming forward to  file Mirena IUD lawsuits for injury, primarily uterine perforation,for their Mirena IUD. Mirena IUD lawyers claim that Bayer failed to properly  investigate the  risks and side effects before releasing the Mirena IUD onto the market. Women are claiming the company failed to adequately warn them and doctors about these risks. Bayer over-promoted the benefits through its “Simple Style” program, which claimed Mirena increased intimacy and helped women look and feel great.

The first Mirena IUD lawsuit was filed on April 12, 2012, on behalf of an Ohio woman. Her complaint alleged that she required a hysteroscopy to remove the device. Considering over two million women have used Mirena in the U.S. We feel  many more  women  will be coming forward seeking justice for injuries.

  •     Device migration
  •     Embedment in the uterine wall
  •     Uterine perforations
  •     Intestinal perforations or obstruction

If you a wife, sister, friend, mother or anyone you know has been injured by the Mirena IUD have them call us for information regarding ther Mirena lawsuits.

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